2024, try a new technical field

2023 has passed, this year is very difficult. Large companies have made large-scale layoffs, startup company have no business. The entire country’s economy is very sluggish. As a person, it is hard too.

As an entrepreneur in the internet field, I think there is no more chance for traditional web development. Because there is so many developer in this field, and the technology is getting more and more mature. So I have to try something new.

I have no idea about the future. Maybe one of AI and Metaverse. AI is very promising, but I think it is very hard to participate for a normal people. Maybe large companies will provide AI service to us, It is very difficult to create a new LLM model by a small company. So there may be some opportunities in the Metaverse.

To try Metaverse, the first step is VR. I want to learn VR technology first, and then make some small products. ThreeJS is a popular framework for webvr .I will develop a threejs product as soon as possible.